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Freedom Journal launched in April 2015. A feel-good, inspirational and thought-provoking online publication, it's mission is to share information supporting whole health and whole life. Freedom Journal seeks to engage readers, creating a supportive community where one can find uplifting stories, a different side of news not present in mainstream media, and aid readers in creating the healthiest life possible. Through Freedom Journal articles, owner Susan, hopes to make the world a little smaller and infuse more compassion.


Freedom Journal is launching as an advertisement-free publication. In the near future, the opportunity to make donations will be opened to support the mission and contributing writers.

Meet Susan Kiskis: The woman behind Freedom Journal

Susan Kiskis is the author of Born Fire Dragon, and a freelance writer. While Susan's path started as a child in N.Y.C., her quest for the answers to life's biggest questions took a turn when she was 20. She studied Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions before starting on a path to learning the healing arts and yoga. 


Susan is a motivational speaker and has taught at conferences, classes, and workshops on the East Coast. Susan's community activism has led to the creation of events celebrating Earth Day and International Women's Day. 


Susan has spent her years as a freelance writer for local publications, teaching yoga, and for the past ten plus years worked in marketing and fundraising in the media sector and the health food industry. She has been a freelance writer for: Fernandina Beach Leader, York Daily News, Elephant Journal, Senior Times, Central PA magazine, Holistic Health Newsletter, Natural Awakenings Central PA,The Patriot News, Central Penn Business Journal and more.


After a first time trip to India. Susan came back digesting ideas. How could she help the world? Freedom Journal came into being, along with other "Freedom" projects as a means of spreading compassion and awareness and hoping to connect people with others in need; making the world a little smaller.


She is currently working on two documentaries with her filmmaker husband, Matthew, and currently writing her third book. Her second book, Let Me Carry You Home, a reflection of her time in India, is due out in 2017.

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