January 8, 2017

"What are your top three herbs or the simplest herbal replacements for your medicine cabinet?" I asked the godmother of American Herbalism. Immediately Rosemary Gladstar started to name them. 

"Only 3?" she laughed.

More than 3. Less than 10. Here are Gladstar's must-have's for single herbs and concoctions.

Echinacea - for internal and external use. First aid and immune system support.

Elderberry - flu, cold, and immune system sup...

October 16, 2016

In Ayurveda, when major seasonal and elemental changes occur (Spring and Autumn), a cleanse is performed to help the body ease into the new season. During this time, food is simplified, a self-care practice is added, and spices and foods reflect the seasonal change. Moving from Pitta time of year (Heat) to Vata time of year (Dry/Cold), we start to incorporate warm grounding foods, gentle practices and moisture. While a Spring...

The following is an article written in 1972 by my mother Bertha Reppert (1919-1999). Founder of The Rosemary House, herb educator and prolific writer, she loved to share her knowledge and enthusiasm of these wonderful plants!

I’ve mentioned comfrey (Symphytum officinale) time and time again so I think it’s time for a few words about this favorite, second only to Rosemary in my heart. No garden, herb or otherwise, should be...

May 7, 2016

Now is the time of year when our yards are coming back to life and are filled with an abundance of delicious and useful herbs that many people see as pesky “weeds.” Here are a few to look for and experiment with. Of course, please consult a medical professional before taking any herb, especially if you take other medications or have health issues. 

Dandelion Taraxacum officinale

Dandelions are considered an unwanted weed in Cana...

May 3, 2016

When I was a child, if you told me that food was from the ground, or it looked like it was, I wouldn't touch it. I spent many of my childhood years in the cities of New York, completely disconnected from nature. I did love the rare sightings of squirrels and abundance of pigeons, the occasional trips to Central Park and I was overjoyed by recycling aluminium cans for a few cents in the recycling machines near my home. It was o...

Many of you have heard the quote “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!” The basic message is if you think you are enlightened, you are not! Whatever we think Buddha is or isn’t, however we define Buddha, when we cling to that definition, it is an illusion.

As a cognitive behavioral based, mindfulness therapist, I help my clients work with their illusions to uncover what they have repressed, to identify, question, and c...

April 17, 2016

Many times when I am asked for advice on how one goes about eating healthy, my automatic reply is “Eat Real Food.” Sounds too glib? It’s not meant to sound that way.

Allow me to give you a little history around my response. In the last 100 years or so, our food diet and supply has completely changed. Much of what we now eat is not real food, but a result of processed food stuff, made from food science and not from nature....

April 4, 2016

I can so clearly remember picking bouquets of Dandelions to present to my ever appreciative mother and now I have my own little girl gleefully bringing me countless bright bunches that are closing and dropping even as they are being offered. Is there a little girl anywhere who can resist a field of the golden flowers? Is there a mother who can resist the little girls who come bearing the flowers?

Often considered the number one...

April 3, 2016

Known as the “Godmother of American Herbalism,” Gladstar sat down for a cup of lemon balm and chamomile tea blended by The Rosemary House & Gardens owner, Susanna Reppert-Brill. Wearing her trademark moon pendent necklace, dressed in purple, her warmth reflects a nurturing instinct. Despite the late hour, and a delayed flight into Harrisburg, the Vermont resident spoke enthusiastically about her lifelong commitment to herbal m...

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