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Healing With the Moon

In astrology, the Moon represents the hidden aspects of the self, the deep desires and aspects of the shadow, often repressed. The Sun lighting up the face of the Moon represents the hidden aspects of ourself being brought to the surface in waves and cycles in order to heal.

The Moon cycle and its phases affect deeply your life and your energy field. The energetic pull of the Moon can lift up oceans and create tides. The human body is made of an average of 70% water, so imagine the effects of the Moon phases on you!

Ultimately, the whole universe is energy in motion. The frequency and vibration of an energy gives it an identity and our perceptive system is designed to recognize these vibrations as a table, water, a banana, etc. All things and beings are energy. You are an energetic field

in constant interaction with all things around you, including planets. Your field goes out many feet all around you and can be as expanded or contracted as you are willing to consider it. Your energetic field is made of energetic information including a deep level of subconscious subtle energies. Let’s look at how the Moon phases affect your subconscious subtle energies! Each moon cycle is an opportunity to clear and cleanse these subconscious subtle energies - Full Moon - as well as create space for new experiences and fresh starts - New Moon. The energy of each Moon phase is the strongest 3 days before and after each New and Full Moon but influences you for the full 14 days between the two. Following the Moon cycles allows you to use these energies to your advantage and be strategic about how to go about your goals and projects in life.

The day of a New Moon is considered to be a day of rest. The 1st day of the Moon cycle, the Moon is called Dark because it can’t been seen. It is exactly between the Earth and the Sun, with the lit part turned away from Earth. On a Dark Moon phase, it is recommended to rest, do a cleanse, not think about goals or any life matters. It is like the winter on a farmer’s field, resting on the surface. The 2nd day of the cycle a sliver of Moon is visible to the eye. The Moon enters its waxing phase, progressively exposed to sunlight in a visible way from earth. The energy it brings is an energy of growth, like planting new seeds in a field. This is a great time to start new things: diet, exercise program, new job, new ventures, etc. It is recommended to write on a fresh piece of paper what you wish to grow and manifest in your life. You can keep the paper close and read it daily, keeping the new energies in motion. Meanwhile, the Full Moon energy is starting to be felt progressively, bringing to the surface what need to be released in order to clear some of your subconscious subtle energies. It is like weeding out your garden, so what you chose to grow has room to do so and the potentially “toxic” elements are removed. The Full Moon is when the side of the Moon facing the Earth is fully lit by the Sun. It is an amazing opportunity for clearing and releasing. It is recommended to support the process by allowing yourself to let go. You can this time write in great details what you wish to release and burn the paper in the Full Moon light. Be present and aware at that moment. Be grateful for the lessons learned and move on. This is the best way to fully use these powerful Moon energies to your benefit. After the Full Moon starts the waning phase during which you can fully integrate this letting go energy and rip what you have sown as you’re going towards the start of a new cycle.

Connecting and working with the Moon energies is amazingly effective. Each 28 day cycle is a full opportunity to project your creative power into your life and the world around you. Love and Moonlight to all!

Magali Diskus is a Certified Life Coach/Consultant, Reiki Master specializing in Creative Visualization and Energy Work and the CEO of Magali Diskus International, LLC. (DBA Love & Light Institute) in Pennsylvania.


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