• CJ LaRose

The Journey of Love

What are we doing to ourselves and to others? We wait, usually not in silence. We wait with eyes wide open and our hearts beating furiously. We cling to the memories of the past. We cling to what the future may bring. We walk, blindly. We speak, dumbfounded. When will we open our eyes? When will we open our minds? When will we open our hearts to the love that could surround us? When will we learn to coexist? To live side-by-side without prejudice. To be peaceful not only with others, but within ourselves. To be a citizen of the world and surround ourselves with love. There is so much love in the world. There is so much peace that we could open our hearts to if we just listened.

Learning meditation has taught me so much. Love, peace, and kindness are the way to live. If monks dedicate their lives to loving kindness, why can’t we? I give out love, and yes, it is exhausting. And yes, I have gotten hurt in the past. And yes, I will continue to get hurt by those around me less loving. But, how I choose to react to those situations is completely up to me. If I decide to be loving, I love all. I don’t care what color your skin is or what god you believe in. I care about you as a person living on this planet. I know it is difficult, but as someone who grew up with racism and prejudice surrounding me, I overcame it. Hatred burns our souls and hearts. It taints our minds with negativity. It kills the love inside. I drowned the sounds of hatred out with the bells of love.

How do we show love, one might ask. That, my friends, is easy. It’s as simple as saying hello to total strangers or holding the door open for someone behind you. Give up your seat on the bus or subway to someone else - an elderly person, a small child, a woman, a tired-looking man. Stop thinking negatively and start exposing yourself to the love and gratitude around you. Yes, some people won’t say thank you, but most of them will.

Begin your new journey to love with simple gestures of kindness. Kindness can and will be the gateway to more happiness and peace within yourself and this world. One act of kindness can change a hardened heart in an instant. Stop looking for the negativity in this world. Look for the light. If you cannot find the light, BE the light. Smile often. Say hello. Ask someone how their day is going. Be honest. Be kind. Living in such a way, just might change your outlook on life.

I grew up with negativity all around me. I was bullied as a child. I was isolated, but here I am. I am a loving, caring person with one goal, one message for you- spread the love.

CJ LaRose is a writer and jewelry artist. When she's not working on those creative projects, she's caring for her young son, gardening, baking and in training to become a volunteer Fire Fighter. She resides with her family in Pennsylvania.



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