• Courtney MacDonald, Ben MacDonald

Gutting the Inside

It took a full day and an air wrench (thanks to our neighbor) to get the seats out. It was a rewarding project, and we had some company. Our niece and nephew came over for a little seat removing party.

Next, we removed the aisle panel and chiseled out the rubber floors. Hard work, but no more school bus smell!

Here's Ben removing the ceiling panels and insulation. He needs the extra headroom and we found some awesome insulating paint to use instead. He had to remove HUNDREDS of screws. Most came out pretty easily but a few dozen had to be cut off.

We tried to give away the seats but to no avail. They were old and attached by floor and wall mounts. So we made a trip to the city dump (hated to do that). When we showed up the attendant thought we were there for a school tour.


My husband is also a creative genius. While working, we found we kept dragging tools and supplies up and down the bus. So Ben crafted a tool cart out of an old wheelchair we had. Not unusual, I once came home to see his car filled with two walkers and a wheelchair. He has some elderly patients he hooks up with the goods.

Ben and Courtney MacDonald married in September 2014 and just do their best to live life in gratitude every day. Courtney MacDonald is an elementary school art teacher. Ben is a nurse by day, bus builder by night. As Ram Dass writes, "We're all just walking each other home." They enjoy figuring out where home is. The couple currently reside in North Carolina. Reprinted from courtneyandbensbus.weebly.com

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