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Built in Babysitter? No. It’s Called Parenting

How many of you moms have heard this – “Is your husband babysitting the kids tonight?” I seriously want to scream when I hear this. Let’s see a show of hands of how many men are asked this question. Oh none? That’s what I thought. But I’ll leave that soapbox for another time.

Whenever anyone asks me that question, I look right at them and say, “NO, he is being a parent.” In our house, raising our kids is a team effort. I can honestly say I couldn’t do this whole parenting gig without my husband. There are times that we have to work late, volunteer at night or just want a night out with friends but we certainly aren’t babysitting for each other. We are supporting each others goals, dreams, interests or just a night to relax with friends.

Because I’m home during the middle part of the day with the kids, there are many nights I’m out working or teaching yoga so hubby is home with the kids. I’m absolutely sure he has the bedtime routine down better than me! Plus, I come home to dishes done (besides the obligatory dish that each man thinks needs to soak for 3 days but hey, that’s pretty good!)and even sometimes vacuuming is done. Again, he is way better at doing that than me. Does he do things exactly how I would do them? Absolutely not and that’s good. I will admit though that it is hard for me to let go of my controlling nature sometimes. I love crafts, reading to the kids and playing outside. He loves pretending to be super heroes, wrestling and playing video games. The kids need those differences with parents or it would be boring.

So as you can see, our home is not a house that has jobs that are assigned to one certain parent/spouse. There are times that we want to rip our hair out but that’s when the other jumps in and gives the other a break or a second to just take a deep breath. We created these little roommates together so we know it is going to take both of us to get the job done.

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Charity Martin Caster (A.K.A. The Burg Babe) is an outgoing, fun loving mom, yoga teacher and Realtor. Quite a mix huh? Each one balances the other. Hear her stories about parenting which she hopes will make you laugh, happy, shake your head in agreement, enlighten you, educate you, remind us all to slow down, breathe and enjoy this ride we call life.

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