• Gita Krista Zember

Help Support a New Playground for Girls in Kolkata

A message from Do-Good kirtan artist, Gita Krista Zember.

"It is our 4 year anniversary at the Yurt and we usually have an auction..... We spend a lot of time and effort raising money for children in India. We raise money for girls rescued from sex trafficking in Kolkata and help children in rural central India receive an education where there are no opportunities to learn. We have seen these children grow and blossom because of the support we have been able to provide.

"Unfortunately this year donations are DOWN. Money in the basket at kirtans and Community Chant Circles has been very very low. We also have a few less kirtans on the calendar, and I didn't have the opportunity to go to India this year and bring back a bunch of items to auction for our yearly INDIA STORIES presentation and auction. So we have raised much much less than in years past and we are down one of our biggest fundraisers. So I am asking you to help me raise that money so we can continue to support these programs in the same way we have in years past.

"Help me raise at least $4,000 for these causes, which is what we usually raise each year at the auction.This year, money will help the girls in Kolkata get a playground. I am so touched every year how these young girls who have been through a life we cannot even imagine are still just girls who want to play and have fun. Many live day in and out at the rescue home and The Village Cooperative and I would like to help build a playground where there are endless smiles and laughter. At the Rural Ashram school, they have asked us to help build more school classrooms. So many children came to school last year that they have run out of space and they need to accommodate more children than they imagined! These children are so excited about school they come too early and the teachers had to start asking them not to come so far before school begins!

"In the past we have funded yoga classes several times a week for two rescue homes and also several after school drop in centers in red light districts, help provide bedding and clothes, fix pipes, build classrooms, provide meals and so many things that impact the lives of these children every single day. It has broken my heart I did not make it this year to visit. I want to make sure I don't slack on our $$$ donations this year, too. Help me raise at least $4,000 for these causes, which is what we usually raise each year at the auction and get 10 monthly donors!!"

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