• David Anderson

Musings From Rishikesh, India and the Banks of the Holy Ganga River: My Journey

Rishikesh is sometimes referred took as the home of yoga where people have practiced and mediated for thousands of years. Even the name Rishikesh means town of the saints, or the spiritually enlightened. People here talk a great deal about their spiritual journey and how they are seeking something. Meaning? Enlightenment? I'm not really sure where a spiritual journey leads or how you'll know when you've gotten there.

More than that, I find it impossible to separate my journeys one from the other. How can the journey of my spirit be separate from the journey of my heart or of my body? Do they go their own way alone, by themselves? Will my spirit leave the rest behind to fend for themselves as it seeks some mystical enlightenment? I'm thinking not.

I am one, not multiple, and my journey is one and the same for all of me. To attempt to separate one from the other is to ignore and deny the oneness that I feel is my, and all of our, true reality. We are in this together my mind, my body, my heart and my spirit. We will reach whatever end there is together or not at all.

Each element of me has learned from, and teaches, every other part of me as it seems to grow. My body has learned well from my heart that will-power can overcome many weaknesses and surpass the mind's more conservative and logical expectations. My heart has learned from my mind that not all I dream of or long for will, or even can, come true. But my mind has learned from my heart that the universe is driven by much more than 1's and 0's and that to dream is to be alive.

My journey, my dream, is to unite all of these elements into a single, coherent whole. I seek for my body, my heart, my mind and my spirit to move together in unison; forward to whatever future we/I choose to create.

That is the real challenge, for each of us has a war going on within us. The heart wants, but the mind argues for caution. The mind may direct, but the body is afraid and resists. So much energy and time and opportunity is lost as the forces within us debate which course to take. Imagine what we might achieve if we could avoid that unending internal discussion and act with confidence at every turn in our lives.

This is my journey as I sit by the banks of the holy mother Ganga river-to stop the war inside and to live fully with all that is within me. United in thought, word and action.

Wish me success (and all your selves, too).

David Anderson is a traveler who has visited over 60 countries and lived in Hong Kong, Nepal, Indonesia, Fiji and lots of other places. It was while he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji many years ago, that he met and married his wife, Soni. For almost 20 years he was a CIO/CTO in multiple companies.

He came to yoga in 2000 and it has grown to become the dominant theme in his life. He is now the CIO-Yogi, combining the principles of yoga with technology management as he teaches and consults around the country. Together, with Soni, they go to India twice a year, taking small groups to study and enjoy amazing India.

David has taught more than 3,000 classes here and around the world; and is also registered with the Yoga Alliance.

To learn more about David visit soniyogaflorida.com . To travel with David to India, visit yogatravelalliance.com


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