• Susan Kiskis

Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Must-Have's

"What are your top three herbs or the simplest herbal replacements for your medicine cabinet?" I asked the godmother of American Herbalism. Immediately Rosemary Gladstar started to name them.

"Only 3?" she laughed.

More than 3. Less than 10. Here are Gladstar's must-have's for single herbs and concoctions.

Echinacea - for internal and external use. First aid and immune system support.

Elderberry - flu, cold, and immune system support.

Goldenseal - first aid, for infections, and immune system support.

"Organically cultivated. It is an 'at risk plant' so you should not harvest from the wild," shares Gladstar.

Nettle - Steam it to use it edibly. Good survival food. Supports the liver and is a blood detoxifier. Aids digestion, respiratory system, and supports allergies.

"So nasty or sweet. My favorite herb."

St. John's Wort and Comfrey or Calendula - combine for an all purpose salve for rashes and burns.

And a must have? Kloss’s Liniment, a combination of echinacea, goldenseal, myrr and cayenne pepper for inflammation support, cleaning woods and soothing bug bites.

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